Why Hybris Is Best Ecommerce platform

What is Hybris

        Today I want to share one of the most  fast growing eCommerce platform. The name of that platform is hybris. Hybris is an eCommerce platform which allows its consumers to sell in both B2B

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and B2C markets effectively. In last few years, hybris evolved significantly and now positions itself as “an omni-channel commerce solution which helps customer engagement”. Current version of hybris commerce is 6.3. It contains SAP Hybris Profile integration + UI enhancements for the Customer 360 Degree View within Assisted Selling Mode (ASM) and also advanced quoting capabilities for both buyers  sellers.

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          Hybris core is an eCommerce platform, but it has several stand out features which build on this which allow you to develop a full omni-channel solution.
  • Online product selling.
  • Mobile integration (through mobile application)
  • Product Content Management (PCM) module
  • Delivering images, videos and product data from a single location.
  • business functionality is delivered by a central Order Management System.
  • Provide localised content for international campaigns.
         Hybris is a Java based application and it typically hosted as part of a 3 tier architecture comprising of web, application and database layers. The web servers, situated in a DMZ, will typically redirect traffic to the app servers.
         Before starting working on hybris development, you have proper knowledge and  understanding about OOPS concepts, Collections, exception handling,spring and spring mvc and JavaScript.
Why SAP bought Hybris ? 
        Because sap  gains customer experience power. Hybris as a modern platform that handles the complexities of managing multiple customer touch points, delivering consistent information and consistent customer experience regardless of how the customer wants to do business. Start a transaction online and you can pick up a phone and complete it through a call centre without having to start from scratch. That promotional price quoted in an email offer won’t be new news to the store clerk or call centre service rep. And if you buy something online you’ll be able to return it at store without a problem.
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