Mule ESB Components

Mule ESB Components

          Mule ESB components are message processors which execute business logic on messages. Using component you can easily  perform specific actions without writing any Mule-specific code also you can drop a component  a POJO, Spring bean, Java bean, or script  into a flow to perform almost any customized task within your Mule application. For example, you can use a component to verify user login credential  any application , or perform action, update database, call web service. Various type o components available in mule.

  1. Web Service Components
  2. HTTP Component
  3. Scripting Components
  4. Others Components

Web Service Components

          Using this components you can easily created webservice ,consume webservice and integrate web serviceCXF component support SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) service,  REST component works with Jersey to support RESTful Web services both component are bound to HTTP.

                                    CXF Component (Soap)
                      Rest Component

HTTP Component

          HTTP component to facilitate working with calls over HTTP. Use the HTTP Static Resource Handler to easily serve up static content when called.

Scripting Components

         Scripting components is use in flows to execute custom business logic. These components enable you to drop a chunk of custom-written logic into your flow to act upon messages.

Others Components

         In mule several component are available to find out the flow, dispaly error, display messages, execute batch and redirect flow .


  1.  Logger component to log activities in the flow as they occur.
  2. Expression component to evaluate a particular expression upon a message in a flow.
  3. Invoke component to invoke the method of an object specified with a Mule expression.
  4. Echo component to return the payload of a message as a call response.
  5. Flow Ref component to access another flow from within a flow.
  6. Batch Execute component to kick off processing of a batch job.

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