How to Create Simple Project using Maven in Anypoint Studio?

         I want to talk about Maven. It’s very powerful instrument and if you know how to use it you will make minimum  effort to achieve maximum result. In general Maven helps you to manage a project including library dependencies, building process and etc.

         Here is a simple tutorial which you can go through to create Anypoint Studio project using
maven. This project can be used as base project.

Tools I’m using:

·         Anypoint Studio
·         Maven
·         JDK 8
You have setup Maven  Server successfully in your machine and  Anypoint Studio Environment.
There are few steps as follows.

Step: 1

         Create simple maven project in anypoint studio, go to anypoint studio menu bar.

              Mule Project->

Step: 2

          Enter project details like as project name, mule run time server and select maven setting .Its automatically get group id, artifact id and version by default.  

Step: 3

         Press Next button then new window open, again press Next button and finally press Finish button. You have successfully create maven sample project in anypoint studio, you can also see sample screen shot in below mention screen. In that screen after create project maven build automatically.

 Step: 4

          See the sample screen shot in below mention screen. In that screen shot you can see the maven project structure, pom.xml file and console window. This was highlighted using square, arrows and oval.

Step: 5

          After successfully build maven anypoint project. Then you want to place any component or connector like as quartz endpoint, logger and echo within your mule flow. Drag the connector or component from the flow screen to the appropriate place in the sequence of building blocks.

Step: 6

          You have successfully created maven project in anypoint studio and maven also build.
Click on existing project.

Run as->
         Mule Application with Maven

Step: 7

          See the console window on anypoint studio tool.

Using above steps you can easily create maven project in anpoint studio tool.
Sample Anypoint Studio (Integrated with Maven) example also provided. Just Click on below link…

                                  Download, Anypoint Studio Example (Integrated with Maven)

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