Download SSL Certificate Of Any HTTPS Website


          Suppose you are trying to access any website in your code. This website hosted in HTTPS server. Then you are needed to import their SSL certificate in your java cacerts file or application.
In my next post , I have mention  steps regarding trusted SSL Certificate.
There are few steps as follows.


         Open any browser like as google ,Mozilla firefox  etc.Then enter any HTTPS website, you can see sample screen shot in below mention screen.


         This website load in browser window. You can see URL header window in browser. In that window before HTTPS website one lock icon available.Then click that icon, one of the pop up window open.

Step 3:

         Then press connection tab, click on connection information text.New window is open.

Switch General tab to Details tab. New window open.

Press Copy to File button. New window will be open.

Press Next button. New window will be open.

Press Next button. New window will be open.

Press Browse button. provide the path of SSL certificate and you also set new name ( by default its take website name ) of that SSL certificate.

Press Save button. New window will be open, in that window SSL certificate path show (yellow color hide the SSL certificate path).

Press Next button. New window will be open.

Press Finish button. New window will be open (success box).

Press OK Button. New window open, again press OK Button existing window close automatically.

Step 4:

         Go to the SSL certificate directory.In that directory you can see downloaded SSL certificate.

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